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Owen Jensen co-anchors the 6pm and 10pm newscasts, Sunday through Thursday, with Bridget Fargen.

Owen Jensen arrived at KOLN-TV in Lincoln back in 2011, after working as a TV news reporter in Green Bay, WI.

In his journalism career, Owen has worked at various TV stations around the Midwest in several different capacities including; reporter, anchor, writer and even fill-in weather person. "Can you believe that...they let me do weather?"

For the better part of two decades, Owen has hopped in his car a lot, moving around.

"I've been in the TV business, for the most part, since 1993. I never thought I'd live in so many different states. But the experience has been wonderful. Nebraska reminds me a lot of Wisconsin...friendly people, peaceful countrysides, good communities, devotion to work and family, and a great enthusiasm for all things football."

While he eats his veggies and fruits, Owen also enjoys eating junk food like cookies, pizza and brownies...which is the main reason you'll see him running a lot. "If you want to enjoy the goodies, you have to put in the time. There's no way around it. On top of that, I really enjoy going for long runs. It helps me put things in perspective."

Most importantly, Owen takes great pride in his family. Married for 15 years to his wife Kelley, they have four children, Rourke, Owen, Ella and Kayla. "They can wear you out sometimes...but it's a good thing. There's nothing better than seeing your children grow into good, decent people. That's my main job in life. Get them educated and on their way. And if it weren't for my wife, I'd be a lost soul."

If you want to ever give Owen a story idea, just contact him at Owen.Jensen@1011now.com


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