Get Severe Weather Updates

The Nebraska Weather Network hopes we are your "go to" place when severe weather becomes an issue. There are several places you can go when the weather gets bad or you just want to know how to plan your day.

First and foremost, we are a television station! You can find 10/11, KSNB and KNOP on cable, satellite and antennae. Check your local listings for exactly where we are in your town. When severe weather is happening, we will crawl pertinent information at the bottom of the screen and cut in if it's a particularly dangerous storm.

The 10/11 Weather web channel can be found HERE
The KSNB Weather web channel can be found HERE
The KNOP Weather web channel can be found HERE
Here you can track the storms with our interactive radar and see the local forecast. We update this often!

If you aren't near a TV, you can still watch us from your mobile device, computer tablet!
Stream 10/11 during the news and severe weather HERE
Stream KSNB during the news and severe weather HERE
Stream KNOP during the news and severe weather HERE

Another great way to keep tabs on the weather is to download our 10/11 app for iTunes and Android. Click HERE for the iPhone app and HERE for the iPad app and HERE for the Android.

Social Media is a very easy way to get consistent and constant weather information, especially during severe weather.

Our team of TEN meteorologists has formed the Nebraska Weather Network and have created a Facebook group where you can go for all the latest watches and warnings, click on the link below to go there:


For added Facebook information, Ken, Brad, Brandon, Taylor, Sean, Peta and Rusty also have pages with extra weather data. Click on the links below to go the Facebook pages:

1011 Weather Team

Ken Siemek Facebook

Brad Anderson Facebook

Rusty Dawkins Facebook

Brandon Rector Facebook

Taylor Pannell Facebook

Bill Rentschler Facebook

Travis Klanecky Facebook

Tom Clements Facebook

Brayden Murdock Facebook

Twitter is one of the easiest ways to be up to date on weather. Our Nebraska Weather Network has set up an account called @SevereNebraska. We will always tweet watch and warning information from that account! You can also follow your favorite on-air meteorologists for added information:

@SevereNebraska Twitter
Ken Siemek Twitter
Brad Anderson Twitter
Rusty Dawkins Twitter
Brandon Rector Twitter
Taylor Pannell Twitter
Bill Rentschler Twitter
Travis Klanecky Twitter
Tom Clements Twitter
Brayden Murdock Twitter