100 mph winds do damage in Arnold and Custer County

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ARNOLD, Neb. (KNOP) - Storms that raced through Nebraska damaged buildings, toppled trees and knocked out power in several areas.

Ann Lehmkuhler's photo as she drove on Highway 40, south of Arnold, near the cemetery.

"It was scary," Arnold resident Lexine McMichael said. "I was scared and it takes quite a bit to get me scared of a storm."

The National Weather Service said gusts reaching a reported 100 mph Tuesday night blew apart an outbuilding near Arnold in central Nebraska and damaged others.

Arnold residents spent much of their day cleaning up down tree limbs in their yard.

"I heard the crinkle from the tree," Arnold resident Aaron McMichael said. "(I) heard a thud and felt the thud through the house. (When) we looked out the window, (we saw) the tree laying on the ground. I'm just glad it (fell) between (the homes) and (did) not (hit) the fence."

Arnold residents were encouraged to bring their down tree limbs to the park near the intersection of Second Ave. and Broadway St.

Golf ball-size hail was reported 12 miles north-northwest of Rushville in the Panhandle.

Power lines were reported down in several communities, many because of falling trees and limbs.

No injuries have been reported.

The Emergency Manager in Custer County reports a pivot turned over and downed power lines and trees.

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Photos by Barb Gunther
Photos by Barb Gunther