Lances Journal: Allison's Kaleidoscopes, July 10, 2017

Allison Borgschulte has been marveling at marbles for a long time and she's found a way to bring out the full beauty of marvelous marbles.

Allison grew up in Bellevue, near Fontenelle Forest.

And it was there that nature got young Allison starting dreaming about one day becoming an artist.

After high school, she attended the Kansas City Art Institute & eventually got a job at a Kansas City marble company.

Allison's says her job at Moon Marble Company reintroduced her to a childhood fascination, "I've always loved marbles."

Allison started working with glass when she moved to Lincoln five years ago.

Thanks to the internet, Allison is able to raise her family in Lincoln and also continue working as a graphic design artist for Moon Marble in KC.

The marbles are beautiful when seen by the naked eye, but even better when seen through one of Allison's kaleidoscopes, "I started making them for people that collect marbles and wanting another way of viewing their marble."

Allison puts a lot of planning into her creation of kaleidoscopes, "The first thing I do is I observe, that's the most important part of my process. Trying it out in all the types of mirror systems that I use."

If you'd like to check out some of Allison's kaleidoscopes in person, you can head on down to Architectural Glassarts at 4025 S 48th Street in Lincoln.

And you can also appreciate Allison's art at

In addition to being a glass artist, Allison is also is a textile artist as well. Her woven paintings are on exhibit throughout the month of July Hot Shops Art Center at 1301 Nicholas Street in Omaha,.