Aunt Dorothy's Quilts

HAY SPRINGS, Neb.- Recently, the Pure Nebraska team paid a visit to the community of Hay Springs. It turns out that frequent Pure Nebraska guest John Chapo of the Lincoln Children's Zoo has an aunt who lives in the country outside of Hay Springs. John invited Jon and Taryn Vanderford out to Aunt Dorothy Wittig's house to learn about her love for quilting.

Aunt Dorothy says she enjoys working with fabric and turning it into a new creation. She's been quilting for years and taught herself how to quilt. Aunt Dorothy says she is frugal at times, and likes to make smaller quilts rather than really large ones. She showed Taryn a quilt that reminded Taryn of the flowers that might be found in western Nebraska. Aunt Dorothy also has a quilt that features the Walgren Lake Monster. The monster is a popular legend of the area.

"Look at the detail in some of these quilts, some of these are fingernail size," John said. Aunt Dorothy also showed Taryn her patriotic quilt that features a beautiful eagle. "Dorothy plans," John said. "I know, because when she visits us in Lincoln, she goes to the fabric stores and she's got pictures in her mind about what she's looking for material-wise," John said.

Be sure to watch the full story to see some more of Aunt Dorothy's quilts.