Black Circle Records opens in Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. For some music lovers, nothing can match the sound of a vinyl record.

When the needle hits the groove, it's unlike CDs and digital tracks used by millions every day.

It's that unique sound that caused Nebraska native Doug Frank to set up shop in downtown Lincoln.

“People like to listen to a better version of what they've known for the last 10-15 years,” said Frank. “It's just a better experience.”

Frank opened black circle records in September. The shop is housed in the Grand Manse Pavilion on the corner of 9th and O Street. It's a spot that you may miss unless you know it's there.

“The grand manse has been using this for wedding receptions,” said Frank. “One customer tells me he thinks it's a jail, but it was inexpensive and worked for what we needed it for.”

He says, over the past several years, there has been a resurgence in the sale of vinyl records, and he’s hoping to capitalize on it.

From Kiss and AC/DC to Frank Sinatra and even newer artists like Kanye West, the store is a music lovers dream.

Frank gets most of his stock from garage sales, auctions and estate sales. He sells most of his records for less than $10, but there are some pricey pieces inside as well.

“Newer stuff is pricey,” said Frank. “I still see those records going for $22-$32. That’s the higher end stuff.”

Black Circle Records isn’t the only spot in Lincoln where you can find deals. There are several other record stores that carry a wide selection of new and used vinyl as well.