Breaking ground on downtown grocery store

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LINCOLN, Neb. Lincoln's downtown broke ground on the Lumberworks grocery store project.

"Like the Mayor just said, its filling a huge void in downtown Lincoln, there's no place nearby within walking distance to go pick something up from the grocery store," said Nicole Skarp,who works downtown.

The grocery store for downtown Lincoln is set to open next spring, in 2018. The grocery store will be a full service one that will bring in local vendors to make this a vision all about Lincoln.

"Fresh produce, small grocery market mentality, ready to eat. We are committed to measuring the demographics down here in this area in providing the products that are going to meet those needs," said Mark Whitehead, owner of Whitehead Oil Company.

From large walk-in freezers to in-house packed deli meats, Whitehead said the final design of the 8,500 square foot space will put focus on the customer will remain the same.