Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.- If you are traveling to the western part of Nebraska, then you might want to put a stop at the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park on your calendar. It's one of seven historical parks in the state of Nebraska. It is here where you can learn about the impact Buffalo Bill Cody has had on our state. And, more specifically, you can get a tour of the beautiful red barn on the ranch.

The barn was built back in 1887, and it was a barn for all of Buffalo Bill Cody's horses. It was built with no power tools, no cranes, and no lifts. It was completely constructed by hand. Jason Tonsfeldt is the park superintendent, and he says Cody wanted the barn that large because of all his horses, and he need a place to house horses for his guests. "He was also well known for his prized stallions. He was a stallion breeder. He had some of the best horses in the nation, and this is where he housed some of his stallions," Tonsfeldt said.

The outside of the barn is painted red and white, and there a number of unique touches to the barn. For example, there is a nod to Annie Oakley at the top of the peaks of the barns. There is a heart with a hole in it, and that signifies how Annie Oakley used to shoot a hole through the ace of hearts card during Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. And, there are 73 rafters on the outside of the barn, and each rafter is cut like the butt of a rifle. There are 73, because Bufallo Bill's favorite gun was the Winchester 73.