Build a succulent bouquet in Wayne

WAYNE, Neb.- Permanent botanicals are becoming popular for interior design. You can find a great place to build an artificial display of succulent plants at the relatively new 1912 Emporium store in Wayne. The store specializes in farmhouse and industrial interior design.

Lukas Rix is one of the owners of the store. He says they have set up a "succulent bar" or a place where customers can mix and match artificial succulents. You can not only choose your plant you want, but you can choose the container you want to use.

"This is a great family project, if you are looking to decorate kitchen counter tops, maybe your vanity in your bathroom," Lukas said. Some of the plants have wires in them, so you can also work with the artificial plants to create different looks.

The 1912 Emporium is open 7 days a week in Wayne.