Choosing trees that produce brilliant fall colors

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a tree for your yard that will bring brilliant color in the fall. Jon talked with an expert with Campbell's Nurseries and Garden Centers about that recently.

"If you are looking for certain colors such as the yellows, the purples or the reds, you probably need to decide how much room you have for a tree," Duane Novotny of Campbell's Nurseries and Garden Centers said. "You can't buy an extremely large tree if you have a small front yard, so you need to decide how big of a tree you want, and then you can decide what color and go from there," Novotny said.

For yellow colored leaves you can choose such trees as birch, and there is the cottonwood which is the state tree. "Then you get into the aspen trees, the prairie gold aspen is a real bright yellow," Novotny said. If you are looking for purples, you might consider a dogwood, or an autumn purple ash. For the yellow to orange to red, you might consider a sugar maple and those are hard wood trees. Red colors can be brilliant with Sun Valley maple tree, and the same is true with the Redpointe maple.

"We have a tree that's been around for many years, but people don't use it a lot, and that is the sweet gum," Novotny said. "That tree gets a tremendous red in the fall, and that is extremely hearty here. We have it in a narrow type, and then we have one that gets up to 25 or 30 feet wide," Novotny said.

There are many choices of trees out there, but again, experts encourage you to choose a tree that will fit into your landscape first, and from there, choose the color you like for the fall season.