City campaigns for people to "Be a Recycling Champion"

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Mayor Chris Beutler launched Lincoln's new "Be a Recycling Champion" campaign.

The goal is to reduce the number of non-recyclable items in recycling bins. The city said they want people to recycle the right way.

Recycling collectors said they see a wide variety of items in both curbside containers and at city drop off sites that shouldn't be there.

Kent Kurtzer of Kurtzer Brothers Refuse said, "I think the mantra has kinda been 'when in doubt I'll just throw it in my container and I hope they'll figure it out'."

"We want to kind of move that to 'when in doubt, just throw it out.'," he added.

They said items like broken glass and plastic bags can't be processed in their machines, so they want to teach people what they should do with them.

The city's campaign was funded by a $68,000 grant from the Department of Environmental Quality

Their steps for correctly recycling are: recycle the basics and make sure everything is empty, clean, and unbagged. Next, take plastic bags to supermarket collection sites, and take glass to city drop-off sites.
Lastly, if you're not sure if a material is recyclable, you can visit the city's website.

Haulers said that while they don't want to see non-recyclable items in recycling bins, there are items, like tires and appliances, they may be willing to haul for you.

They said customers can call their individual hauler to find out what they're willing to collect .

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