Congress Fortenberry addresses snail mail problem

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LINCOLN, Neb. - If you still rely on the post office for bills, medication, or just to send letters. You may have noticed a delay in getting some of your mail.

You are not the only one. People all over the state of Nebraska are complaining to Congressman Jeff Fortenberry.

"I think we have a systematic problem," said congress Jeff Fortenberry.

Congressman Fortenberry says Nebraskans are complaining about not getting their mail on time.

In some cases, that mail could be the difference between life and death.

"An elderly person to instance not getting their mail order on time, people sending in bills and not meeting the deadline, even government not getting their notices into the hands of people on time because of the mail delivery problems," said Congressman Fortenberry.

And the congressman says there is an obvious reason.

"We think this stems from the consolidation of mailing operations from Lincoln and Grand Island and Norfolk into Omaha, in other words a letter to go across Lincoln now has to go across Omaha," said congressman Fortenberry.

The congressman says a lot of the complaints he hears is from the rural parts of the state. Areas with less people, and less direct post offices.

"The United State Post Office according to the constitution has a responsibility to deliver the mail in a timely fashion,and so for those of us who represent urban and rural Nebraska, it is particularly important to look out for those in the important rural areas," said Congressman Fortenberry.

Congressman Fortenberry says he reached out to the inspector general who is investigating the problem. The congressman says there will be answers when the investigation is complete, by the fall.