Despite judge's warning, Trail insists on representing himself

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Aubrey Trail, a person of interest in the death and disappearance of Sydney Loofe, spoke with a judge on Wednesday about representing himself in an upcoming trial, something he was strongly advised against doing.

Trail faces 14 charges of interstate transportation of stolen property. Each charge carries the possibility of 10 years in prison.

Trail wrote a letter from a prison in Leavenworth, Kansas asking to represent himself, leading to the court hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

Trail’s reasoning, according to the letter, was a lack of access to his attorney, who is based in Nebraska.

Since the time the letter was written, Trail has been transferred to the Saline County Jail, where he is currently being held.

Judge Cheryl Zwart strongly advised Trail against dropping his attorney, Korey Reiman, saying “I want you to understand what you are up against here.”

Trail said he understood the challenge of preparing for the March 26 trial, but insisted representing himself was his best chance of acquittal.

However, Judge Zwart insisted he reconsiders his options.

“I must advise you, in my opinion, a trained lawyer will defend you far better in this case,” Zwart said.

Judge Zwart did not make an official ruling, but ordered Trail and Reiman meet once more and discuss the case before a final decision is made.