Draft Horses at the State Fair

The Pure Nebraska team spent time recently at the Nebraska State Fair learning about draft horses. Taryn Vanderford talked with Jason Goodman who represents the company called "Young Living". The business has a farm in Mona, Utah. Lavender is grown there for some of the company's essential oils. At that lavender farm is where you'll find the company's draft horse program. The hitch at the state fair does exhibition work for the company.

Taryn asked Jason why draft horses are so popular. "There are four major breeds, your Clydesdales, your Shires, your Belgians and your Percherons," Jason said. Many of these horses are very big. A horse from each breed has held the record for the largest horse at one time. They are nicknamed the "gentle giants". They were used for hauling freight before cars or even semi trucks.

During the Pure Nebraska visit to the state fair, Taryn got to ride with a team of Belgians that originated from Elm Creek, Nebraska. Be sure to check out the draft horse pull Friday night, September 1st at the Five Points Bank Arena at 6 p.m.