Elwood 4-H Club Serves Vietnam Veterans

ELWOOD, Neb.- Students with American flags in hand stood outside the Elwood Public School building Tuesday.. ready to give the Pride of the Prairie 4-H Club.. a patriotic send off.

"Today we are completing a community service project with an award we won that's called the Governor's Agricultural Excellence Award," club sponsor Becky Chaney said.

Students with the Elwood 4-H club earned the award for their idea to travel to Fort Riley, Kansas.. to serve beef to veterans as part of a Vietnam Veterans welcome home ceremony. At Fort Riley, the students teamed up with an organization called the "All American Beef Battalion" to serve up ribeye steaks.

"The All American Beef Batallion was founded about 10 years ago by Bill Broadie, who is a Vietnam Veteran who lost his leg in the Vietnam War when he was 19 years old," Chaney said. "He is a 5th generation rancher, and so he combined his two loves of the military and ranching. To date, the All American Beef Batallion.. who are all volunteers.. have fed 350-thousand troops and their families," Chaney said.

Students weren't the only ones traveling. Local veterans of the Vietnam war were asked to come along, too. "Three of them are grandfathers of our 4-H kids. So we feel so blessed to be taking 5 Vietnam Veterans to Fort Riley with us to say 'thank you'," Chaney said.

Chaney says the Elwood students truly enjoyed serving the Vietnam veterans at the welcome home ceremony at Fort Riley.