Enhancing Backyard Living with Fire Pits

The 10/11 garden space is the perfect place to learn about outdoor living, and we do that each week on Pure Nebraska. In this story, we are taking a closer look at how fire pits can be used to enhance your backyard. Bill Budler with Nebraska Outdoor Living Center says fire pits are one of the store's most popular items.

Brad Anderson joined Bill in the 10/11 garden space to talk about fire pits. Brad noted that some people use wood in fire pits, but the one Bill and Brad talked about in the interview runs on gas. "One thing we really like about the gas is that with wood you have to deal with the wood, you have to store it, and deal with the mess," Bill said. "The best thing about a fire pit like this is you simply turn it off."

Brad asked if fire pits are expensive. "We think these can be affordable for everybody," Bill said. "We try to focus on quality, and all of our fire pits are American made." Bill noted that if you are going to put something on fire on your patio or grill, you want a quality product, so he is encouraging people to look for that quality.

Anything sitting outside will get a little dirty, Bill said, but outdoor fire pits are generally easy to clean. There is a cover that comes with them if you want to keep debris off, and they are designed to be outside and last a long time.