Experiencing a one-room schoolhouse

WYMORE, Neb.- Fourth grade students from Southern Elementary got a chance to experience a "pioneer day" at the old Pleasant View District 81 school last week. The school is now located in the park in Wymore.

This event is not only a chance for school students to see what it was like to attend class in a one-room schoolhouse, but it's also part of the Welsh Heritage Project in Wymore. Wymore is considered the Welsh capital of Nebraska, and so students at this pioneer day learned Welsh words and songs, and they got a feel for the Welsh heritage that runs through the community.

The kids played games and even had an old-fashioned flag raising.

The last class to attend the school was in the 1960's, and it was at that time that the school was moved from a rural area outside of town, to the Wymore park.

"The Gage County Historical Society kept it up for quite a while, and then when we got the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre, they asked us if we would keep it up, and we said we would," Janey Williams Rudder said. She is the vice president of the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Center.

The Pleasant Hill school remains very much like it was on the exterior and interior. Very little has changed, and the folks in Wymore encourage people to come and take a tour of this old schoolhouse.