Family says coyote bit one-year-old son

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) "I grabbed him and yanked him away from [the coyote] and screamed," Katrina Clodfelter, a Hastings resident, said. "I believe that is what caused him to take off running."

A moment Clodfelter never wants to relive. She is happy she was able to grab her one-year-old son before a coyote took him away.

Clodfelter is glad her son wasn't seriously injured.

"He has two puncture wounds on his back,"Clodfelter said. "They weren't very deep or anything,but we went ahead and took him in for his rabies shots, since the dog wasn't caught and we didn't know for sure if it had rabies."

The family was watching fireworks at a relative's home in the 500 Block of S. Boston in southwest Hastings when the reported incident occurred.

At about 10:30 p.m. the family said they saw a coyote near the child.

Prior to this incident, Clodfelter wasn't threatened by coyotes and thought they only wanted food.

"That's all, they had been getting into the trash, but until last night happened, when I saw that with my own two eyes not even two feet from me, when there were six adults and five other kids there, it scares me," Clodfelter said. "Something needs to be done."

Police said they are working hard to catch the coyote.

"We do have one trap out and we're trying to at least get that one animal caught, so we can get some testing done and from there, we just want to educate people that these coyotes have been spotted in town and beware of it," Sgt. Brian Hessler with the Hastings Police Department said.

Clodfelter is happy to see her son playing and has advice for other parents.

"I would advise not to let your kid be outside during day or night, no matter what age they are, because you never know when they are going to pop up," Clodfelter said. "This little [coyote] was very fast." "No one could catch it and we had two people try to chase it," she added.

Anyone who may have seen the coyote is asked to call the police department.

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