Famous Capitol Falcons welcome first two eggs of 2017

LINCOLN, Neb. Each year, many Nebraskans keep an eye on the two peregrine falcons that have a home near the top of the Nebraska State Capitol building.

The falcons have been nesting in that spot since 2005, and each year, they lay eggs.

On Easter Sunday, the falcons welcomed their first egg of 2017. Two days later, they welcomed a second egg.

“Peregrine falcons typically lay an egg every 2 to 3 days until their clutch is complete,” said Joel Jorgensen with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “Once their clutch is complete, the female will incubate the eggs full time.”

The falcons are named Ally and 19/K. The two had a very difficult 2016 year, and experts weren’t sure they would lay eggs this season.

“19/K had a bad wing injury,” said Jorgensen. “Usually wing injuries on birds are very serious and can be the end for those birds. Lucky he was rehabilitated, and he has come back strong.”

The female, Ally, usually lays her eggs at the end of March or beginning of April. When an egg appeared on Easter Sunday, Jorgensen says many people were pleasantly surprised.

“These birds just continue to amaze and overcome the obstacles that are in front of them.”

The excitement isn’t over either. Jorgensen says there could be more eggs on the way.

“It’s anybody’s guess how many eggs they’ll lay. They can lay up to six eggs, but it is uncertain how many will actually end up in this clutch.”

If you would like to keep track of the progress and watch to see if these eggs hatch, you can watch this live stream all year.