Flooding at underpass near 48th and Cornhusker

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Flooded roads were major inconveniences for Lincoln drivers after the rain on Wednesday, but one underpass that has had flooding problems in the past is frustrating local homeowners. The city said there isn't anymore they can do to fix the problem.

The underpass near 48th and Cornhusker flooded Wednesday. Some drivers didn't let the high waters stop them, and they drove right through, while others were more cautious and simply stopped and turned around.

Eventually the city shut down parts of the road to prevent driving through the flooded area, but it is an area where floods have happened before, and people who live in the area are getting frustrated.

"The bus has to stop and it goes back around and has to drop us off, and you have to walk back because they cant go under, traffic is all backed up because people are not stopping going this way," said Deborah Hernandez who lives near the underpass.

Lincoln Public Works said the only permanent solution to stop the flooding in the area for good would be to redesign the entire area, possibly raising the road, but that's not in the city's budget.

For now there is a storm water pump to divert the rain water, but on days where the rain comes down heavy and fast, the water builds up quickly and the area floods fast.