Goal reached! Give to Lincoln day raises more than $3.6 million

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LINCOLN, Neb. - It's official, the people of Lincoln are extremely generous! With four hours to spare, the city's reached its goal of raising $3.3 million for Give to Lincoln Day.

Thursday, May 18 was Give to Lincoln Day. The 24-hour online giving event for 365 nonprofits. The giving day was put on by the Lincoln Community foundation, in partnership with local nonprofits.

This year $3.693,306.55 was raised from 17,082 donations. In 2016, $3.1 million dollars was raised for 348 nonprofits.

When people donated on Give to Lincoln Day, the organizations also receive a portion of a $350,000 match fund.

This is the 6th year for Give to Lincoln Day.

There are three primary goals for this event:
1. Introduce new donors to nonprofit organizations
2. Help Lincoln nonprofits tell their stories and educate Lincoln about the positive impact they have.
3. Shine a community spotlight on this day of charitable giving to raise a substantial amount of new money to assist the local nonprofit network