Help 'Capture the Moment' on Nebraska's lakes and trails

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LINCOLN, Neb. Nebraska is full of beautiful trails and lakes that allow people across the state to get outdoors and enjoy nature, but many people still don't know what these places have to offer.

That's why the Lower Platte South NRD is asking for your help to spread the word.

They have launched a new social media campaign called “Capture the Moment.”

The campaign encourages everyone to take pictures and share them on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Before sharing those pictures, the Lower Platte NRD wants you to use #LPSNRD.

“We know you're out there, and we know you're taking selfies,” said McKenzie Barry, with the Lower Platte South NRD. “The hashtag allows for more interaction with us and for us to see you using our properties.”

Also, anyone who shares photos using that hashtag will be entered into a contest to win prizes.

“In October, we're going to start doing some ‘Fan Photo Fridays’ with some fun giveaways,” said Barry. “If you're photo is one that we choose, we will be messaging you so we can get you a fabulous prize.”

Barry says a lot of people are already taking part. Several are even posting pictures of a new pet-friendly fountain that was installed on the Mopac East Trailhead near Walton.

“We've gotten some really fun pictures of animals using the fountain—like horses and other pets.”

Among other reasons, Barry says the big reason they started the campaign was to raise awareness.

“It helps raise awareness about the great natural resources, trail, lakes and other wetland areas that we have.”