How to avoid a head-full of lice

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Getting a letter that someone in your kid's class has lice can send any parent into a cleaning frenzy.

A pharmacist at Russ's Market said that knowledge is power. For you and your children.

"You can contract lice if you have close contact with someone who already has lice. Sharing bedding, towels, hats, clothing, those types of things," said Sarah McBride, a pharmacist.

One hair stylist said that when the school season rolls around, it's an epidemic compared to the summer months.

"We see a lot of it during the school year. In the summer time it's less because we don't have coats being hung by each other or switching hats or whatever kids do, comb hair," said Donna George, manager and hairstylist at Allure Salon and Spa.

Mcbride said that you don't need a doctor to confirm your child has lice.

She said to look for yourself.

"Actually you can look in the hair and see the knits. The little eggs attached to the hair shafts, or also you can see the active lice in the hair," said Mcbride.

For George, she said that lice is increasing compared to other years.

"I think over the years, we have seen more and more of it because what happens, if they have had lice and don't take care of it and send them back to school, the process is just ongoing," said George.

And for all you parents, if your child gets lice, it doesn't mean they're dirty.

"People are afraid that if they get it, they're going to be perceived as dirty or that type of thing and that just isn't true. Anybody can get it. It's easy to treat and get rid of once you do have it, but anybody can get it," said Mcbride.

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