How to prepare your soil before planting a garden

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LINCOLN, Neb. Spring is here, and many people are thinking about starting a garden. Before you put your seeds into soil, there are some things you can do to prepare your garden for success.

Randy Wolf with Campbell’s Nursery in Lincoln says it’s a good time to start cleaning your landscape and garden.

“Be careful not to get in and work the soil when it’s too wet,” said Wolf. “Try and do it while it’s dry, get rid of that old residue and get it tilled.”

He says it may also be a good idea to put down some fertilizer to get your soil ready for planting.

If you are ready to start planting, you can start planting tomatoes, peppers and green beans indoors.

“The rule of thumb we use is to back up six weeks from when you want to plant them outdoors,” said Wolf. “If you’re hoping to plant in May, you’ll want to start indoors soon.”

Wolf says it’s too early to start planting those crops outside, but you can start thinking about cabbage, broccoli and brussels sprouts, among others.

“We’ll start planting those in the next few weeks, along with the first rows of peas and radishes.”

If you would like more advice on starting your garden, click here or head to a local nursery to speak with an expert.