LFR crews battle garage fire

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln Fire and Rescue Crews battled the cold and a garage fire Wednesday night near 63rd and Fremont streets. The fire broke out around 8:15 p.m.

The garage that caught fire is located between two houses, each just feet away. Firefighters used their hoses on the interior of the garage to put the fire out. It smoldered and smoke could be seen for awhile due to many personal belongings inside the garage.

LFR said there were no injuries. Crews blocked the street off as they fought the fire.

One neighbor was home when the fire started.

"My granddaughter ran downstairs from upstairs and said the neighbors garage was on fire, so we come out and called 911 and the occupant got out alright," Pam Kramer said. "He's been a neighbor of ours for years."

The person who lives in the home won't be able to stay there Wednesday night. The Red Cross is assisting. LFR is still investigating what caused the fire.

Firefighters said drivers should use caution on Fremont Street tonight, as the water from their hoses is on the street and will freeze, causing slick conditions.