LSO arrests man possibly responsible for more than 30 thefts

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LANCASTER COUNTY – The Lancaster County Sheriff’s office arrested a man possibly responsible for more than 30 burglaries and thefts.

Deputies served a search warrant at 5550 Mill Road on Tuesday morning around 8 a.m., and eventually took Travis Duffek, 32, into custody.

Duffek was served a warrant for stolen property, and through the search of the residence, approximately 200 stolen items were recovered inside the home or in the garage.

Power tools, construction equipment, and trailers were among the recovered items.

Through this arrest, LSO has cleared six burglary and theft cases, as well as two Lincoln Police cases.

However, LSO said it is possible Duffek is responsible for up to 30 other thefts and burglaries in and around Lincoln.

Authorities said Duffek has been active in this string of thefts since the beginning of the summer.

He was lodged and cited for numerous theft charges and possession of methamphetamine.

LSO added the arrest was made possible by a good Samaritan who called in Duffek’s suspicious activity.

Authorities are still investigating whether any other individuals were involved in the crimes.