Lance's 700th Journal: Ode to the Collectors, Feb. 27, 2017

Over the past 13 years, a veteran videographer named Lance Schwartz has had the opportunity to share with you many stories of the good life in Nebraska.

The very first edition of Lance's Video Journal aired on April 19, 2004 and since then, Lance has introduced you to unique Nebraskans who taught judo at the age of 90, instructed painters at the age of 100, & made people smile at the age of 113.

You've also met a man who tuned pianos without sight, a girl who led cheers with only one leg & a man who saddled horses with no arms.

And we mustn't forget collectors. Call them a bit eccentric, but they sure do make good TV.

It took him awhile, but somewhere along they way, it dawned on Lance that one of the reasons he liked to tell stories about collectors is that he was one of them.

It turns out he's spent the better part of his 52 years saving just about every one of the tickets & media credentials he's ever had in his possession.

Lance is quite proud to be a member of the Lance's Journal Collectors Club.