Lance's Journal: Helen's Musical Hats, May 12, 2017

Helen Waring Johnson is truly a natural-born performer.

She got interested in music at the age of 4 when her grandmother taught her how to play the piano and she went on to become a classically trained vocalist who studied in Germany.

Helen always dreamed of becoming a solo performer and that's just what she is in her latest venture that's called...Helen's Musical Hats.

Helen likes hats of all shapes, sizes and colors....she even likes hats adorned with birds.

This UNL graduate has more than 700 songs that she matches with her headwear.

Helen's Husker hat pairs nicely with her list of 20 Cornhusker themed songs.

Because the majority of Helen's shows take place at retirement communities and senior centers, most of the songs she sings are golden oldies.

If you'd like to book Helen for a show call (402) 326-2048 or email her at