Lance's Journal: Lego Man Videos Go Viral, Jan. 16, 2017

America's fascination with Star Wars continues to grow with each passing blockbuster film.

After five weeks at the box office, the latest Star Wars movie has amassed a half a billion dollars.

Domani Occansey is only 15 years old, but the force is strong in him.

This Lincoln Pius freshman has combined his love of computers with his love of Star Wars & Legos.

That magical mix of elements has produced a pair of videos that has gone viral and been viewed on youtube for than two million times.

On his youtube channel, Domani is known as "Lego Man."

He was just eleven years old when he started using stop motion animation, "I first started out just using a camcorder and I'd just take short little one second video of Lego mini figures and place them together."

Eventually, Domani's mom bought him some professional computer editing software and a web cam, "I started really getting into it. I got into video editors, learning about a lot of techniques like that, audio editing."