Lance's Journal: Mercy Meals in Odell, Mar. 20, 2017

Mercy Meals of Nebraska is a non-profit organization that allows volunteers the opportunity to package nourishing food that is delivered to children in need around the globe.

The churches in the Odell area are leading the Mercy Meals charge down in the Blue River Valley to help feed the world.

Pastor Greg Stuckwisch got Odell involved with Mercy Meals 3 years ago, "In February of 2014 is when we started our first packing event to help out the Philippines after the hurricane. When people walk in here sometimes they wonder what they're getting into, but what they're virtually all walking out of here with is smiles, exhausted smiles, but smiles."

The pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church says volunteers in Odell have organized 4 packing events at the community building.

Pastor Stuckwisch says a lot of work is involved in getting hundreds of volunteers organized for each packing session, "We have volunteers who are at different stations and they are putting four different ingredients into funnels. Soy, rice, dried vegetables and most importantly, chicken flavoring, which is fortified with vitamins and nutrients."

Look to your right for contact information.

If you don't live in the Beatrice area, there are also Mercy Meals chapters located in southwest Nebraska, Norfolk & Sioux City.