Lance's Journal: Rock Creek Aquaculture, May 26, 2017

For more than 30 years, Dean Pretzer ran a very successful hog operation near Diller, down by the Kansas border.

About a year and a half ago, Dean's buildings were sitting empty. And that's when he saw an interesting article in a farm magazine that he couldn't wait to share with his son, a Lincoln veterinarian.

They both loved the idea and it didn't take long before they started transforming the old hog barns into a shrimp growing facility.

Scott is leaving the Lincoln area and it looks like he's right back where he belongs, "I was in second grade when most of these buildings were built and spent a large part of my youth in these buildings."

And now Scott's prepared to spend a large part of his adult life in these very same buildings that were built by his parents in 1979.

Scott says each of the 8 tanks are 14 feet wide and can hold up to 35 hundred shrimp, "What we're doing is really nothing new to the midwest. There are farms like this in Iowa, Indiana."

An investigative trip to a shrimp farm in Indiana inspired Scott to become an official aquaculturist, "It's exciting for my wife and I, but for our kids. Part of the challenge of today's farm is is there going to be something for the next generation if they want to come back."

Scott is hopeful that he'll have his first batch of shrimp ready to sell by Father's Day weekend and he'll be selling them right out of the shrimp barn, 3 miles southwest of Diller.

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