Lance's Journal: SENCAP Aids High Schoolers, May 8, 2017

A number of students at Elmwood-Murdock High School are interested in pursuing careers in welding and SENCAP is helping them get a jump start in making that happen.

Kyle Huxold is a senior who got some very good news recently, when he went to sign up for classes at SCC for the upcoming fall semester, He gave us a sheet and we had to write down all the courses that we were gonna take. I started writing them down and he's like, 'Oh wait a minute, you're in the college credit course.' I said, yea. He said, 'Oh you can erase a bunch of these, you move way up on the line.'"

Randy Nelson is now the director of SENCAP and he says, "Nine years ago, I spent about a year, traveling around the state, also several other states, to see what was going on as far as career academy's and there really wasn't a whole lot going on at that time. The eight years ago, there were five or six superintendents around the Lincoln area that wanted to provide some opportunities for their juniors and seniors to prepare them for both career and college."

SENCAP offers ten different pathways...from agriculture, to business while half of the students are interested in a career in health.

Randy says when SENCAP started 8 years ago, 16 high schools and 45 students were involved.

Next year, SCC will have 45 high schools and more than 800 students involved in the SENCAP program.