Lance's Journal: Table Tennis Club in Lincoln, Mar. 27, 2017

There's no waivering back and forth and back and forth for members of the Lincoln Table Tennis Association. They love the game and they love their beloved club that was founded more than three decades and is still going strong.

The year was 1984. Jarry Petterson was looking for looking for a place for his daughters to practice table tennis that's when he started the Lincoln Table Tennis Association.

Thirty-three years later, Jarry is sure glad he got the club started, "I had no idea we'd be able to keep it going this long. I always look forward in the week to come out and see my friends and to meet all of the players from around the world that we get to meet here is very interesting."

Steve Soper says anywhere from 20 to 40 players will show up on any given Sunday night, "It's just great, we've got a really good group of people who are really welcoming to new people, experience, everybody's really cool."

If you'd like to play just drop by the Belmont Recreation Center on an Sunday evening between 5 and 10pm and it will cost you just $4 to play all night.