Lance's Journal: The Amazing Sladek, Jan. 6, 2017

For seven months every year, Gary Sladek travels more than 50,000 miles around the United States daring audiences to watch him risk his life in the spotlight.

Gary explains, "I go out there like, 'Here I am!' I get a few snickers like, 'What's this old guy gonna do?'"

Gary is a natural-born risk taker, "It's the best thing I do in my life, it's my passion."

The 'Amazing Sladek' has been doing stunts and dare devil acts for the past 40 years, "I know I'm just about too old to be doing it anymore. I always say can I can get one more show. Can I do one more show?"

This New York City native is 58 years old, "I pride myself in being America's Oldest Daredevil Acrobat."