Lance's Journal: Tradition of KiTones in Seward, Apr. 28, 2017

More than 7,000 Kiwanis Clubs are located all around the world and service is at the heart of each of them.

Here in Nebraska, the Kiwanis Club in Seward has offered a sweet sounding service for nearly a half a century.

The year was 1971, and a number of the members of the Seward Kiwanis Club were blessed with some excellent voices.

They decided to assemble a singing group and here we are, 46 years later, and they're still sounding as great as ever.

The name of this group is the KiTones and they sing a wide range of songs.

Jack Duensing credits a pair of Seward's finest musicians for really getting the KiTones up and running, "Our first director and his wife Harry and Lois Gisselman, they directed this group for 25 years, that was their commitment. They were outstanding musicians. We really fit into what Kiwanis was all about, we really wanted to get the community together."

The KiTones have averaged about 2 shows a month, so that means they've performed at more than a thousand events over the past half century.
If you'd like to book the KiTones to perform at your next big event...Call Director Paul Beck at (402) 643-9312.