Lance's Journal: Unique High School Mascots, Apr. 17, 2017

The Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame opened four years ago across the street from Haymarket Park.

And one of the most popular exhibits in the hall is the wall of school mascots.

Whether you're an Ord Chanticleer, a Holdrege Duster or a Pender Pendragon, the Beach Boys proclaimed it long ago, it's always important to be true to your school

Mike Rasmussen was was in charge of organizing all 303 Nebraska high schools for a detailed display, "The young kids really take a great deal of pride in the fact that they're an Eagle or a Wildcat or a Badger."

The list includes each school spelled out using their primary color, "It's always of interest when people come in here to take a look and to see where their mascot is and how many other school have that same mascot."

The Top 10 most popular mascots in Nebraska are:
1. Eagles
2. Tigers
3. Bulldogs
4. Knights
5. Cardinals
6. Warriors
7. Mustangs
8. Wildcats
9. Cougars
10. Trojans