Lincoln Literacy celebrates 45 years

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Learning a new language is never easy and Wednesday, Lincoln Literacy celebrated 45 years of helping people become more fluent in English.

Tutors and students came together to eat, drink, and talk about where the program is going in the future. The program was originally designed to help under educated people learn to read and write. Now the program also teaches immigrants and refugees the language so they can be successful in Lincoln.

"Lincoln literature was the first door, the first welcome into Lincoln, Nebraska that empowered me to learn the language, so I could be successful and contribute to this community," said Pablo Cervantes, a Lincoln Literacy graduate.

The Lincoln Literacy program relies on tutors, not teachers, to educate people. The program has helped close to 1000 people this past year in Lincoln. Lincoln literacy is free to anyone who wants to learn English.