Lincoln Zoo opens new parking lot

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Lincoln Children's Zoo has completed the first goal in the expansion to bring giraffes, tigers and spider monkeys to the zoo in 2019.

A new parking lot opened on Tuesday, and to celebrate, the zoo held a ribbon cutting ceremony and a special giveaway to the first 50 cars in the new parking lot.

The ribbon cutting took place at 9:30 in the new parking lot. The entrance to the lot is located off A street and 28th street. The new lot along with an additional lot located on the south side of A street create nearly twice as much parking compared to what previously existed at the zoo.

The first 50 cars in the lot received unlimited train rides for the rest of the 2017 zoo season.

"We were super excited about the idea of maybe getting some free train rides, we come every Wednesday for the wild Wednesday event at the Zoo, it;s our family time every week," said Ginger Calkins, vistor.

The zoo held a Facebook contest to select two local families to help with the ribbon cutting and zoo president & CEO, John Chapo addressed the audience.

The new parking lot will allow work to immediately begin the new entrance, giraffe and tiger buildings.