Two men cited for stealing model truck from Lancaster County Super Fair

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- UPDATE: Police have confirmed that the model truck stolen from an 11-year-old from the Lancaster County Super Fair has been recovered.

Police located and cited the two men responsible on Friday, and the model truck will be returned to the girl, along with an LPD Fidget Spinner and Popsocket.

Police said Centerpointe Adult Treatment Center staff noticed two men at the facility matched the video police released Thursday, and located the pickup in their possession.

Police were then contacted, and the two men admitted to taking the model truck.

One of the men was cited for theft and the other was cited for theft by receiving, police said.


ORIGINAL STORY: An 11 year old's model truck at the Lancaster County Super Fair is missing.

Allison Morrow spent twelve hours creating her 1978 Ford pickup replica for her grandfather. He has a glass case for model tractors...and she said her truck would have been the perfect addition.

The man suspected of the crime is featured in the photos attached.

Since it was stolen Friday, a purple ribbon, a certificate and a plaque naming her the 4-H Science, Engineering and Technology Top Model Vehicle Exhibit were all she could take home.

Allison's dad, Dan Morrow, owns Morrow Collison Center and he has helped his daughter assemble her models in the shop for three years.

Dan says it was an emotional time when the model was stolen.

Dan also says the Lancaster Event Center recently installed new surveillance, so there is footage of the man taking Allison's model truck on two cameras.

The family says they hope to review the footage and get the truck model back soon.