Locals get together for lunch and politics

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Lincoln Lincoln literacy is a non profit that offers free classes to help people learn English.

After President Trump issued his immigration ban, the group felt they needed to help ease people's worries. By hosting the first pot luck lunch immediately following the initial travel ban, the group felt the demand for more opportunities to discuss the current state of the political climate were necessary.

Seth Mock, a Sudanese refugee who has been in Nebraska for 10 years, said he feels comfortable among this group. He said, "Especially for me, growing up in a refugee camp i know the struggles that refugees go through each and every day."

Mock said he wants people to gain a better understanding of immigrants and refugees.

"We're just normal citizens that just are looking for a better life because the place where we are is trauma every single day," he said.

Although their pot luck lunch has seen some success, Clayton Naff, executive director for Lincoln Literacy, said the group had been seeing a decrease in class attendance because of fears that have rippled throughout the immigrant and refugee community since the President's executive order.

"In recent days, some of the people haven't been coming to class and our staff has been reaching out and they've heard they're just very fearful that there might be raids anywhere these days," said Naff.

People like Nom Nguyen, a student at UNL and Vietnamese immigrant, came to America for a better life, and he said groups like this are good for getting the tough conversations started.

"This is a place where people can unite with each other. Come to talk and come to something that would make America better," said Nguyen.

As Lincoln Literacy sees an increased numbers of volunteers who want to help, many people just want understanding.

"It's another challenge on top of the challenges we already have as immigrants, realizing that a place that we're looking forward to calling home might not be a place that we can continue calling home," said Mock.