M.A.D. D.A.D.S. getting kicked out of current rent-free building

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- M.A.D D.A.D.S. is looking for a new home in Lincoln after being told they need to leave their current rent free building. The problem is, the non-profit's new facility has to be able to house 3,000 bikes.

They've been in Lincoln for more than eight years, but now the landlord is telling them it's time to leave.

The foundation says they're reaching out to the community for support, especially since they are run solely on donations.

They not only need a space that holds a lot of bikes, but it also has to have office space, and an area for a repair room. M.A.D. D.A.D.S. also needs all of this by next month.

Off the corner of 56th and Seward you can see the bikes, lots and lots of bikes, all along the outside of the shop. Bikes are everywhere inside too.

"M.A.D. D.A.D.S. builds bikes for kids. We donate to kids. We donate to veterans. We have bikes going to Africa, and we want to keep carrying that on," said Cain.

But Jeremiah Cain, the foundation president, said rent-free living is a thing of the past. They got a letter on Monday letting them they needed to get out.

"It states in the letter, September 5th, 2017, they're waiting for the keys," said Cain.

Cain said they aren't upset with their current landlord, Continental ContiTech. But, they are concerned about finding a new location in time.

"It's the heartbreak of trying to find a new building, the thought of, 'are we going to find a new building,'" said Cain.

Cain said it's not about the building it's about the bikes, and how they impact the community.

"I'll be fighting. I'll be fighting for the rest of my life for it to keep on going," said Cain.

It's only been two days, but Cain said he has already looked at two other buildings. It really depends on how much support they will get from the community. He said though, he's optimistic.

"And MAD DADS is going to fight and fight, and we'll make it happen," said Cain.

10/11 reached out to Continental ContiTech for a comment and they have not gotten back to us. Cain also said he has had little communication with Continental, but is open to leasing the space or buying, if M.A.D. D.A.D.S. can afford it.

If you would like to donate to the foundation you can contact Jeremiah Cain at 402-805-8887. Or you can stop in the shop at 5610 Seward Ave. Lincoln, NE.