Mobile Museum Celebrates Nebraska's 150th

Truckin' Through Nebraska is a fun, hands-on children's museum experience created for the kids of Nebraska in honor of the state's 150th birthday. It gives kids a chance to experience a children's museum, while at the same time helping both kids and adults learn about Nebraska.

The semi trailer that the museum is housed inside is covered with pictures of important people and places in Nebraska's history. As you walk toward the door, you are presented with many amazing facts about the state. And when you walk inside, you'll find plenty to see and do.

Will Voelker is the mobile museum manager, and he told us that the museum contains such games as "Agri-Quest" that teaches kids about agriculture. The mobile children's museum started out in April. In the last few months, the museum has traveled to places like Neligh, Gordon, Kimball, and Imperial.

The mobile children's museum is no longer at the state fair, but it will be showing up in a number of towns over the next few weeks. If you want to know where the museum is going next, be sure to go on-line to