Mother and daughter cheat death

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - "July first, I went in to be induced. I was on pitocin the whole day and through the night. I started noticing, probably in the middle of the afternoon on July second, a lot of pressure, a lot of pain," said Linda Clubb.

Mom and daughter sit together talking about her 16th birthday.

And the doctor was nowhere to be found.

"There was blood everywhere. And I immediately got sick. I had a nurse put a basen in front of me and they started wheeling me into an emergency c-section," said Clubb.

And that's when things got worse.

"She delivered herself into my abdomen. I had a complete rupture. She pooled in my blood for twenty minutes and then they bagged her for an additional ten minutes. So, that's thirty minutes with no pulse and no life to this little baby," said Clubb.

Linda coded three times during the procedure.

"There was a team of people working on me and a team of people working on her and they were just about ready to call the time of death when the doctor noticed a vital sign," she said.

Seeing her baby for the first time is an image she'll never forget...

"There were tubes everywhere. And they said that she's probably not going to make it. And that we should pray and that's what I did. I prayed," said Clubb

And she didn't give up hope.

"We knew right then, we didn't know how or what was going to happen, but we knew everything was going to workout," the new mother said.

It did just that.

"She just turned 16, so we are very happy, blessed and we're going to go with this and keep trucking along," said Clubb.

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