"Nebraska by Heart" public art project helps to celebrate Nebraska's Sesquacentennial

LINCOLN, Neb. If you haven't noticed them yet, it's only a matter of time. In May, there will be 81 colorful heart sculptures littered across the capital city. It's all part of a project that helps to celebrate the beauty of Nebraska.

The project is called "Nebraska by Heart," and it's a Public Art Project celebrating Nebraska's Sesquicentennial.

The hearts symbolize Nebraska, the Heartland of America! Each heart started as a blank canvas. Now, artists from across the state have transformed them into unique pieces of art.

The first five sculptures are on display in Lincoln. From this point forward, you will continue to see more and more of the sculptures popping up around Lincoln. They will be featured on University of Nebraska campus, in the Haymarket, near Centennial Mall and by the Nebraska State Capitol.

Once the 81 sculptures are installed, they will be displayed until October. After that, they will be auctioned off to members of the community. The proceeds will be split between the artists and the two sponsoring organizations-- the Sadie Dog Fund and Boys Hope Girls Hope.

Nebraska by Heart is being promoted as a not-to-be-missed component of Nebraska's Sesquicentennial and a destination for millions of Nebraska, national and international viewers.

The Project was modeled after Omaha's J. Does, Lincoln's Tour de Lincoln and the light bulbs featured in ILLUMINATING LINCOLN: LIGHTHOUSE.

For more information about the project, click here.