New app helps producers in Nebraska make management decisions

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LINCOLN, Neb. Technology is constantly evolving, and in agriculture, new tools are changing the way producers do their jobs.

A new app developed by Nebraska Extension is helping farmers and ranchers stay informed so they can make better business decisions.

It’s called AgriTools, and it’s available right now for iPhones. It’s a mobile app that provides climate and weather information for those in the agriculture field.

“We know weather and climate can play a large role in the day-to-day farming practices,” said Tyler Williams, Extension Educator. “The climate we have defines what we can grow and how well we can grow it. There’s always something we can learn by following along with what’s happening and knowing the trends we’ve seen over the past few years.”

The app provides information like current conditions, yesterday’s weather, soil temperature, solar radiation, growing degree days (GDD) and seasonal GDD accumulation.

“We provide this data so producers can make decisions like when to irrigate, when to plant and what to plant,” said Williams.
The app also features a “quick crop water use calculator” which uses crop type and crop stage to provide easy access to estimated crop water use from the field on a mobile device.

“We are providing data that is from weather stations located right here in Nebraska. They are stations that are managed and maintained by UNL so they are very accurate. They provide data you don’t see every day.”

AgriTools can be found by going to your app store on your iPhone and clicking “download.” You can also click
here for more information on the app.