Our Town Lincoln — A dynamic change in UNL housing

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LINCOLN, Neb. — The housing situation at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln has changed drastically over the past 30 years.

"I know when I went to school we didn't have suite style like what we're sitting in here today,” Keith Zaborowski, who has worked for UNL housing since 1989, said. "Most of the buildings on campus were probably almost 30 years old, they really hadn't done any kind of renovation."

By the turn of the century, UNL was ready to start upgrading in a big way.

"In housing, it started around, I'll say 2000, we built our first new building," Zaborowski added.

UNL went on to build six more new residential halls for a total of 16 city and east campus residential halls.

"Now, we have traditional rooms again with the singles and the doubles, but we also have suite style which is two bedrooms with two people in them and they share a common space with their own bathroom, their own sink, it's all kind of self contained units," Zaborowski said.

Suite-style housing is extremely popular around the UNL campus.

"You'll have the opportunity to live her all four years if you really wanted to but it's targeted more for freshman and sophomores," Lindsey Dreama, a junior engineering student, said.

Dreama added that she feels very fortunate to have such impressive housing.

"Having the suites, you're sharing a room, you're around people to talk to all the time, you have all these amenities and a bunch of space, you don't feel cramped as much. I don't know, I like it a lot," she said.

For freshman Kassandra Botchford, the style of dorm came as a welcomed surprise.

“I like this a lot, it was not what I was expecting,” Botchford said. “I was expecting a typical dorm from you know typical movies and I actually am impressed with this layout and how spacious it is."

For UNL alums that are waiting to go back and reminisce at the Cather-Pound dorms, time is running out.

The Nebraska Board of Regents has OK'd a plan to tear down both of the 13-story structures.