Our Town Lincoln — A tailgating tradition

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska football is all about tradition, from the knot hole section to the tunnel walk, it's a program that breeds some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in all of college football.

And many of the fans enjoy nothing more that a good 'ole fashioned pre-game tailgate party.

"First ones here, last ones to leave every Saturday," Dan Duren, from Columbus said at a tailgate. "Well in 1963, everybody had a station wagon and we just put our food and drink in the back of the station wagon, opened it up and in the parking lot and had our food and drink before we went to the game."

As far as Duren knows, that was really about the time that tailgating got started around Memorial Stadium.

"It was not a big thing like it is today," he said.

His wife Norma is a tailgating pioneer herself.

"We had lots of food that we had to prepare and we had a lot of help though too so it was great," she said."It's kind of unbelievable really, our children and our grandchildren came along and everybody's enjoyed Nebraska football and so it just kind of developed."

Norma's favorite part of tailgating over the past half century has always been family.

Duran nation covers quite a bit of ground west of Memorial Stadium as it's made up of 11 parking spots.

And at $1,000 per spot per season, you get a pretty good feeling just how serious this four generation Husker tailgating family is about their half a century game day tradition.

And the rumor is there, are two new members of the fourth generation ready to get started next season.