Our Town Lincoln — Bicyclincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Lincoln has a very large and ever-growing bicycle riding population.

And one of the loudest voices for biking in the Capital City is an advocacy group appropriately called Bicyclincoln.

"We work with a lot of the city planners and community members and council members and so on to increase the livability of Lincoln through cycling," Founder of Bicyclincoln Damon Hershey said. "Having a strong cycling infrastructure creates a vibrant community. It lessens traffic, it's good for the health, it's just one of the things that a strong growing city needs."

Hershey said he feels that the current biking environment in Lincoln provides a solid recruiting tool for employers and city officials.

“When it comes to cities competing for top talent, when it comes to cities competing for businesses to move in, that's one of these things that people are looking for is bike friendliness," he added.

Jason McLaughlin, the Vice President of Bicyclincoln, echoed the sentiment.

"I got involved because I like the idea of using a bicycle for transportation, both for health reasons, cost reasons and for just plain fun," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin added that Lincoln and Nebraska faired well in this year’s National Bike Challenge.

"The shirt says ‘National Bicycle Challenge Champions’ and it has the two different years that Lincoln won number one in the nation and the state of Nebraska also won first place in the nation as the top riding state," he said.

There's never been a better time to get out and enjoy bicycling in the city of Lincoln.