Our Town Lincoln — Breslow Ice Center

LINCOLN, Neb. — This could very well be the golden age of indoor ice skating here in the Capital City.

When demand at the ice box got too great, it became evident that Lincoln was in dire need of more indoor ice.

One year ago Thursday, they finally got it, when the Breslow Ice Center, an $11 million facility, opened, thanks in large part to a $7 million gift from former Nebraska state auditor John Breslow.

"The sport of hockey has grown, the sport of skating in general has grown, skate school was only able to be held one day a week now it will be held 4 days a week,” Chris Margiotta, the manager of Breslow Ice Center, said.

This ice isn't empty here very often.

"The hockey teams have grown here. The University of Nebraska has a men’s hockey club, it now has a home, doesn't have to go to Fremont anymore," Margiotta said.

Every UNL student also gets to take advantage of the Breslow Ice Center.

"The University of Nebraska has intramural broom ball, club broom ball, club curling, they're able to host free skates for their students here now,” Margiotta said.

The ice center caters to all ages, and Dr. Amy Walton's goal is to now play hockey.

“Actually went to a stars game and fell in love with it," she said. "I started here as soon as this opened, the learn to skate program started from the basics up, literally could not barely stand and now I'm cruising along half way decent."

The facility has public skate time nearly every day of the week at the Breslow and they have 500 pairs of rental skates ready for you to hit the ice..