Our Town Lincoln — Lincoln Theatre Alliance

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Lincoln is not a major city by national standards, but it is home to a very vibrant theatre community.

Believe it or not, Lincoln is home to 21 different theatre producers.

Before the Lincoln Theatre Alliance was formed, communication within the Capital City theater community was very informal.

"We came together about three years ago in an effort to share resources, because there was so many producers we also wanted to try and communicate better amongst ourselves," Shannon Ochoa said.

Ochoa added that the Lincoln Theatre Alliance includes theaters in Beatrice, Manley, Hickman and Mahoney State Park.

The alliance has given all of the local theaters the opportunity to join together in trying to cross promote one another and share the talent base.

"As well as insight into, ‘hey we're doing this show’,” Ochoa added. “‘I know that you guys did this show a couple of years ago how did you come across this one scene?’"

A lot of those conversations were happening informally before, but now, the alliance provides a more organized communication forum.

"I'm happy to say that the playhouse was one of the founding members of the Lincoln Theatre Alliance," Morrie Enders, the executive director of the Lincoln Community Playhouse, said. "We're all kind of in the same swimming pool and we just want to make sure everybody's got the same floaties on."

Enders added that the creation of an alliance was very necessary.

"I think that the Lincoln Theatre Alliance is also important to tell people that that we're not in competition with each other, but to also encourage people to come to plays," Enders said.

The big Lincoln theatre family is holding a community-wide audition workshop coming up in January, where performers can learn tips and tricks on the audition prices for LTA member theaters.

And for those of you looking for a great show to attend, go to the Lincolntheatrealliance.org to see what's running.